My life from a 9-5 worker to an entrepreneur - Marcia Horbacio - Doula & Sleep Consultant

Marcia Horbacio – Doula & Sleep Consultant - Marcia Horbacio – Doula & Sleep Consultant

Marcia Horbacio – Doula & Sleep Consultant - Marcia Horbacio – Doula & Sleep Consultant


Marcia Horbacio - Doula & Sleep Consultant

My life from a 9-5 worker to an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur means a lot of freedom. I am able to write my own story and change the course of my journey whenever I feel like it. That is priceless.

I was stuck in a job for eighteen years. I thought I was happy, that I carried out many projects and learned a lot every day. But it was only when I freed myself from that job and became completely the owner of my time that I understood that I spent years trapped in my fantasy of success and professional growth without having accomplished anything for myself. I was growing and learning yes, but I was performing for others.

One day, I met a person outside my country, and I married him. A lot of things happened until we were finally able to be together and when that happened, and I set foot in Canada to start my new life, leaving behind the secure job I had, I crossed the border with 10 suitcases, four children and only nine hundred dollars in pocket and not knowing how I was going to support myself. (I didn’t have a wealthy husband!) In the beginning it was difficult like for any immigrant, it wasn’t easier for me just because my husband was already a local. I was often called by my child’s school because one of the children didn’t go to class and stayed in the library dreaming about the girlfriend he had left in Brazil, or because the other was crying with longing for the father who had been left behind too! . What a fight!

There came a time when I decided that the children were finally more adapted, so I started thinking about working. But I no longer wanted to carry out projects for anyone, I wanted to be the captain of my boat, I wanted to be able to turn it in different directions, without worrying about presenting results to others, I wanted the results of my work to put food in my table. So, the realization of a dream began, the dream of having my own company. I started reading all about parenting and infant sleep after my neighbor had triplets and started asking me for help frequently. I took several certificate programs in Canada and Australia, and I fell in love with helping parents with their education. I decided to go back to college and study psychology to get a Canadian degree. And since everyone was praising my children’s education and the good men they were becoming, I thought I had a lot to teach new parents and help these families. I grew and grew and became known in Toronto. Ah, how delicious it was when I started offering parenting consultancy through the internet because I could travel and see the world. While visiting a city, I went for a walk in the morning and worked in the hotel in the afternoon.

irst trip to Europe for 60 days, visiting while working.

But the dream did not stop there. As a sleep consultant and doula, I learned to share knowledge and multiply happy entrepreneurs. It was because of the encouragement of one of these people that I founded CAPPE, a school for parents and parenting professionals with a very serious purpose: To empower people to pursue their dreams, offering an education based on well-interpreted evidence, in a model without judgment, that is, teaching what we should have learned a long time ago in kindergarten: We are all equal, diverse, unique, extraordinary and special to humanity. Cappe hopes that its contribution to a more egalitarian humanity will start now, September 14, 2021, the day of its foundation, and continue for many years to come.

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